What Is Domain Name Registration?

Domain name registration is the process of buying or registering a domain name to use for your website.

The domain name itself is basically the website address, which you can then add to by building other pages connected to it.

This site’s domain name, for example is www.dtrade.com or dtrade.com (both are valid), while the page about .dtrade has been created by adding /about-us/ after the domain name.

Domain name registration typically comes with fees and paperwork, but it is an essential investment if you want to expand your business or online presence.

The following process is generally used by people to register a domain name, and should give you some idea of what is involved:

  1. Research the best domain names for your business or consider domain names that could be useful for you (now or in the future),
  2. Check with a domain name registrar to find out whether or not you can register your domain name (registrars have a list of available names),
  3. Compare domain name registration costs between registrars; and
  4. Register your domain with the best registrar.

Domain name registrars clearly play a major role in this process – they are individuals or organisations that help you register your domain for a set amount of time, like one or two years.

As the third step above indicates, costs for domain names can vary significantly between domain name registrars, so it is a good idea to compare the price (and what you get for that fee) before you register a domain name.

How Much Does Domain Name Registration Cost?

The cost of registering your domain varies significantly. Some domains may cost as little as $20 per year, while others could be worth hundreds of dollars (or more).

It depends on factors like the type of domain you choose and the demand that there is for that domain name, how long you register it for and the domain name registrar that helps you.

But these costs are an essential part of working online. As the Australian government’s Business.gov.au website outlines:

“Your domain name is your website address on the internet and gives you an online identity or brand. It’s a valuable part of your business identity and is an important marketing tool that can help customers find and identify with your business.”

So when you find the right name and know it will complement your business, the price is a valuable investment.

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