Do Domain Name Emails Damage The Industry?

Domain name companies that send out emails about potential sales could be damaging the industry according to reports from news site

Editor-in-Chief Michael Berkens has reproduced an email that the industry website received that offered them the chance to …

What Is A Domain Name Collision?

If you have ever typed in a domain name and been taken to a different webpage or seen an error instead of the site you wanted, then you could have encountered a domain name collision.

This term specifically refers to …

Do You Need A Personal Website?

The benefits of having a business website have been outlined time and again, but personal websites have the potential to offer just as much value.

In fact, research from professional branding company Workfolio has found that more than half (56%) …

How Many Domain Name Variations Should You Buy?

As new domain options become available, many businesses are starting to consider how many versions of their name they should actually buy.

Finding one domain name to fit your business can be hard enough – particularly when the ever-popular .com …

Will New Domain Names Have Power Over The .Com Tradition?

Hundreds of new domain name options will be available over the next year, as extensions like .book, .company and .social become available for registration.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has said the move will create more …

Should Your Domain Name Match Your Business Name?

At first glance it seems like having a domain name that matches your business name is ideal.

On the one hand, an exact-match domain name for your business can make it easier to direct people to your website, add authority …

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