How To Do A Domain Name Search

A domain name search can help you find out what domain names are available and how much they are worth, whether you have a specific domain name in mind, or are looking for a range of options.

Most domain name registration services offer a search feature, as do domain brokers and websites, so there is a wide range of places for you to explore different domain names.

But if you have never done a domain name search before, or want to create a more efficient search, the following steps will help you find domains as quickly as possible.

1. List the domain name options or phrases you like

Starting with web address you want, or the key words you want to use will help you get more accurate results for the search.

2. Search for the best option first

If you have a preference for your domain name, type that into the search engine first – it could very well be available! But if it’s not, you can start a new search with other options you have listed in the previous step

3. Search by category

Some domain name searches, including the service at DTrade, allow you to browse domain names by specific categories. That means you can either narrow down search results or broaden them to include as many relevant results as possible.

4. Consider domain name suggestions

Suggestions for available domain names could be listed when you do a domain name search and the domain you want is not available. These suggestions could provide you with options you had not previously considered.

5. Contact a domain name broker

Domain name brokers specialise in dealing with issues of availability, so if you have run out of options or inspiration, contacting a broker will give you a more personalised solution when you want to buy domains.

These different steps should help you find a range of domain names to consider so that you can find the best option for your website and your budget.

Whether you have an ideal domain name in mind or want to explore different possibilities, the availability and prices of domains play a huge role in buying decisions.

But doing a domain name search gives you access to a wider range of possibilities so that you can make the best decision possible when you buy any domain name.

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