Dtrade delivers number 1 sale in Australia for 2013 with cruises.com.au

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA Tuesday October 8, 2013: Australian domain market hits new highs with largest sale for 2013

dtrade has brokered the largest reported .com.au domain name sale for this year, with $110,000 AUD for cruises.com.au. The total sale price was $165,000 which included the current website and facebook page. The deal has already been followed by an influx of enquiries, as dtrade founder Roland B Bleyer warns that domain name prices look set to explode in the coming months.

Domain name broker, dtrade, has successfully closed Australia’s largest domain name transaction in 2013, over cruises.com.au, valued at $110,000 AUD (approx. $102,000 USD) in a cash deal. The domain name was purchased by Ozcruising Pty Ltd, and the price tag puts it comfortably within the top 50 sales by value globally for 2013.

Craig Chisholm, managing director of Ozcruising Pty Ltd states “We are extremely excited about this purchase; Ozcruising.com.au is currently Australia’s number one online cruise agency with sales exceeding fifty million dollars annually. Now with the acquisition of cruises.com.au, a more generic domain name, we are looking forward to the expansion of our business offering even more of our clientele the superior convenience and value for money our current Ozcruising.com.au customers appreciate”.

This is a great transaction, according to dtrade founder Roland B Bleyer. “As soon as someone develops a profitable brand around a domain name there is little chance of them going back on the market. If they do, the prices will be very high. At the moment, with demand still relatively low, it’s a great time to acquire before prices really explode as we are seeing in the .com market with IG.com selling for 4.7 Million USD in September,” he explains.
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Now is the time for businesses to push for premium domains

The sale has also driven home the value of premium domain names to businesses within Australia. There are plenty of opportunities waiting to be snapped up within dtrade’s 35,000-strong database of available names too, according to Bleyer. “The issue that faces many Australian businesses is a lack of understanding around how much the right domain could be worth for their business,” he says. “We have seen internet usage sky rocket over the past 10 years but many Australian businesses are falling behind in the digital revolution. Companies in Australia need to realise the value of domain names and what they can generate. Companies that do this are very keen to acquire domains as and when they are available.”

Cruises.com.au sale also good news for the AU domain market

The AU (.com.au) domain name market will also be buoyed, according to Bleyer, and sales such as this one will only help to re-invigorate the market, where domains have only been traded freely between interested parties since 2008. “The Australian market has been growing strongly since legislative changes introduced in 2008 by the Australian Domain Name Administrator (auDA) allowing for domain names to be traded freely between interested parties,” he adds. “The changes occurred after a decision to loosen regulation surrounding domain transfer was agreed on by the agency’s board in December 2007.”

Good news overall

The sale represents good news overall for the market within Australia, and dtrade is excited to be in a position to help more businesses realise the potential in owning premium domain names. “dtrade has positioned itself as a premium domain name broker. We are very excited to achieve the number 1 sale in Australia this year. We are focused on both buying and selling of domains, consulting and education of the market on the benefits of the right domain for businesses,” concludes Bleyer.

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