News: Bitcoin Domain Name and Trademark Up For Sale

Both the domain name and its registered trademark have been put on the market following the bankruptcy of Japanese exchange company MtGox.

While bitcoin as a currency still exists, MtGox was the biggest company exchanging this digital currency. In …

News: Amazon Misses Out On .Amazon Domain Name

E-commerce giant Amazon has lost the right to the .Amazon extension in a domain name win for mother nature.

From a business perspective, it makes sense that the empire would want its very own domain name extension to promote …

Domain Name News: 50 Cent In Da .Club

US rapper 50 Cent is one of the first celebrities to join the top-level domain name game with the launch of his new website,, in May 2014.

The domain name extension .club is one of hundreds of generic top-level …

News: Medicare Domain Name Sells For Millions

The value of domain names specific to the health and medical industry has reached new heights with selling for US$4.8 million (AUD$5.1 million) in 2014.

US health insurance company eHealth Inc bought the premium .com domain name with $4.5 …

News: Calvin Klein Loses Domain Name Dispute Due To Swearing

While Calvin Klein owns key domain names associated with its business and brand, apparently it did not bank on anyone thinking outside the box and registering more “vulgar” domain names that could be associated with the brand.

So when Calvin …

FAQ: What Is Whois and How Does It Relate To Domain Names?

The WHOIS service is designed to provide information on who owns or has registered a particular domain name.

Depending on where you access WHOIS, you can find out a range of technical details about any domain name, including:

  • The domain

News: Union Invests In Domain Name For Political Debate

The Electrical Trades Union has addressed a Queensland government asset sales campaign by registering a domain name similar to the official campaign website.

The background to this move is that the Queensland government has proposed a number of solutions to …

How Safe Are Your Domain Names and Online Accounts?

As the worldwide web becomes ever more popular, hackers are finding new ways to gain access to everything that they want – including our domain name and social media accounts.

While the details provided in any one account may not …

Can You Get A Free Domain Name?

With prices sometimes worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, the idea of a free domain name is appealing to anyone who wants to have an online presence.

But is it actually possible to get a domain name for free?

The …

Should You Buy A Domain Name That Other People Will Want?

The rise of new domain name extensions is giving more people an opportunity to invest in a range of appealing domain names.

Although new global top level domain names like .Wine, .Hotels and .Careers will be snapped up by relevant …

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